Dog Bite Prevention and Safety

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This page contains information about how to be safe around dogs.  It is good information for children and adults.  Please remember that not all dogs are friendly even if you think they all like you.  Always ask to pet a dog first, & if the owner says not to, please respect that request.

Act like a tree
This is link showing you how to act like a tree if a strange dog approaches you.  It's great for children to watch so share it as a family.

Doggone Safe
Non-profit organization for dog bite prevention education and victim support. There you will find lots more information about reading dog body language (with photos), how to teach your puppy not to bite, safe games to play with your dog and lots more.

How to Greet a Dog (and What to Avoid)
Great poster you can print off & talk to your kids about.  Adults should follow the rules as well.

How Kids SHOULD Interact with Dogs
Poster to print  showing  how to interact with all dogs, including their own.

How Kids SHOULD NOT Interact with Dogs
Another poster showing how we should not interact with all dogs.

Can dogs and babies live together?

Very informative article on how to have dogs & babies stay safe around each other.

Puppies N Dogs
This page is for the dog bite prevention information & links.  We are not endorsing purchasing puppies or dogs from this site.